Used, vintage Hammond organs for sale.

Hammond Organs

The Hammond Organ was introduced to the world in 1934 by inventor Laurens Hammond. The Hammond organ was invented to recreate the pipe organ sound that was popularly heard in many church settings. The Hammond organ was noted as being a lower cost alternative to many churches and later in the 1960s and 1970s the Hammond organ became the standard keyboard used in different types of music. The Hammond organ can often be heard in different music genres such as gospel, jazz, blues and rock music.

The Hammond organ comes in many types of models and series. The first model was model A introduced in April of 1934 and could later be bought by the public in June. As time progressed the Hammond organ made slight changes and introduced many more models and series. The B-3, C-3, A-100 series are all very popular and were used greatly in jazz, gospel and blues. In 2002, the B-3 model was reintroduced and was heavily used by many popular musicians.

The Hammond organ can be found both new and used on the internet depending on the model and series you are looking for. The original model A is rare to find but is highly recommended over many other models and series for it being the "meat and potatoes" of organs. If the model A is unavailable, many musicians have noted that the B-3 series is the runner up. Though many models and series are still available for purchase whether in mint condition or refurbished.

The Hammond organ has been noted as being particularly heavy in weight. Many times when transporting this organ it had to be "chopped" into sections for transport. This technique of moving led to the slang term "Hammond chop" used to identify organs that were modified for easier transportation. When looking for a used Hammond for purchase it is good to find out if it`s in its original state or if it has been modified for transport as this will have affect on its value.

For lighter weight, high quality organ playing, many organists have shifted over to Allen organs. You can find plenty of Allen organs for sale online or used instrument sales across America.