Used, vintage Hammond organs for sale.

Hammond A100 Organs

The Hammond organ is an electric organ which was invented by Laurens Hammond in 1934 and manufactured by the Hammond Organ Company.It is an electronic simulation of a pipe organ with a highly distincive sound. It may he hard to believe now, but one man was single-handedly responsible for creating the entire organ and keyboard world as we know it today. That man was Laurens Hammond.

Hammond was not a musician; he did, however, see the great benefits of music, and was keen to bring a more sophisticated form of home music-making to the masses. In 1933, therefore, he turned his attention to the development of an electric organ. He bought a used piano and proceeded to discard everything apart from the actual keyboard action. Using this piano keyboard as a controller, he was able to experiment with various different sound generating methods.

Hammond Model A Organ was the biggest achievement Hammond had all through his life. it was an outstanding model. The sound was awesome. It can be mounted on a small box under the preamp with a 1/4-inch phone jack, which makes it really easy to connect this organ to any amplifier or sound system.

Hammond organs have a distinctive percussive key click, which is the attack transient that occurs when all nine key contacts close, causing an audible pop or click. Originally, key click was considered to be a design defect and Hammond worked to eliminate or at least reduce it by using equalization filters. However, many performers liked the percussive effect, and it has become part of the classic sound that modern imitators of the Hammond organ have tried to reproduce.

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