Used, vintage Hammond organs for sale.

The Hammond Organ Company produced a wide variety of electric organs from 1934 until closing in the mid 1970s. Their line of full sized console organs included the B3 and C3 series, with the B3 being the most well known. The spinet series were smaller and included internal speakers and amplification, making them more affordable. The most popular of the spinet series was, and still is, the Hammond M3 organ.

The Hammond M3 organ was produced from 1955 to 1964 and many are still in use today. Easy to use, the M3's drawbars make it possible to produce an infinite variation of tones and sounds...just right for many types of music. Known for its classic tone wheel sound, many experts consider the Hammond M3 organ to be the closest organ in the spinet category to achieve the B3 sound.

Nicknamed the "Baby B", the Hammond M3 organ is very much like the B3 internally. While it has fewer keys and no presets, it does have waterfall keys like the consoles which is signature Hammond. The M3 features the same percussion harmonics and varations as the consoles and is capable of creating the subtle nuances the B3 series is known for.

There are several options available when searching for a used Hammond M3 organ. Although they are no longer being produced, many music stores sell used as well as new instruments so they may have a Hammond available or know of someone who has one for sale. They can also be found on the internet butk, before buying a used Hammong M3 organ, be sure to carefully inspect to ensure that it has been well maintained.

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