Used, vintage Hammond organs for sale.

Hammond RT3 Organs

Organs are expensive, classical musical instruments known to both musicians and music lovers. It is famous for the melodic masterpieces it can create. May it be in concert stages, music schools, churches or just at home, playing organ provides a pleasurable and wonderful experience for both the player and the listener.

In early 1930s, Laurens Hammond invented an electric organ that is known to us all now as The Hammond Organ. It is indeed a breakthrough in the musical industry but more importantly, it has been the answered prayers for churches. Way back then, most church find pipe organs quite expensive and the Hammond organ is a more affordable substitute to it.

Over the years, various models of the Hammond Organ became available to the market. There were B3, C3,A100, L series, T series and RT3 and more. All of which contributed in the making of many jazz, blues and gospel pieces.

Among the Hammond Organ Models, one became known as the "Concert Model". That is the Hammond RT3. With its 32 note concave radiating pedal board and Pedal Solo Unit which produces tones from the 32' pitch through the 2' pitch, it had been a part of many concerts and musical performances.

Someday, I would want to own a Hammond Organ. It looks great and classy in a living room. I hope my kids would learn how to play a nice musical piece on a Hammond Organ while the whole family gathers around and sing a long.

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