Used, vintage Hammond organs for sale.

Hammond XK2 Organs

Hammond XK2 organ can be better called an organ than a keyboard as it really does get you close to that B-3 sound. The presets (64 in all) are handy.

Its build quality is excellent and it would weigh about 25 to 30 pounds. It has the classic Drawbar tones and the keyboard look and feel of the B-3. The XK2 features a new 61-note keyboard utilizing deluxe square-front keys to truly recreate this look and feel. The XK2 digitally generates the pure harmonic sound of the classic B-3 including nuance characteristics of generator crosstalk and other important features such as adjustable Drawbar foldbacks at the top and bottom octaves, adjustable Attack (key click), and adjustable overdrive. Sixty-four user programmable presets, percussion, 6 degrees of chorus and vibrato, and other B-3 characteristics are designed into the XK2 for maximum professional flexibility.

The XK2 organ is earning solid acceptance from touring professionals and church organists, home, and studio players worldwide by delivering the classic Hammond sound and performance. The Hammond XK2 organ is the best choice for players requiring top digital keyboard performance at very reasonable cost.

In short, excellent build quality, great B-3 sounds, beautiful 'glissando' ready keys and a very good MIDi spec for those techno guys. The Best of all - it's a Hammond!

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